Taiho Jutsu

Stories about Japan and martial arts always involve extremely skilled fighters of styles like karate, judo, ju-jutsu, aikido, ninjutsu, kendo and even sumo. The cinema made eternal some classic martial arts movies like Karate Kid (the real one, not the another with Will Smith’s son) and The 7 Samurai, not to mention actors like Jean-Claude Van Damme (Shotokan Karate), Steven Seagal (Aikido 7th Dan, Kenjutsu, Karate, Judo), Jason Statham (Jiu Jitsu), Dolph Lundgren (Kyokushin & Goju-Ryu Karate – 3rd Dan, Judo), Wesley Snipes (Shotokan Karate – 5 Dan, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), Sho Kosugi (Ninjutsu, Judo, Kendo) and of course, Sonny Chiba (Goju-Ryu – 2 dan, Kyokushin Karate – 4 dan, Ninjutsu  – 4 Dan, Judo – 2 Dan, Kenpo – 1 Dan, Kendo – 1 Dan).

In spite of the popularity those styles have among the public and the countless number of adepts, there are yet many martial arts from Japan that are almost unknown to the rest of the world. One of them is the Taiho Jutsu, a martial art created in Japan and widely used by police and armed forces.

Name and Origin

Taiho Jutsu (逮捕術) means literally the art of arresting.

Its origin is not very clear, but it’s said it was adopted by law enforcement officers yet during the feudal age of Japan. At that time they used techniques of juttenjutsu, toritejutsu and hojojutsu to capture and restraining suspects without using lethal force or weapons like swords and similar.

The contemporary taiho jutsu has been created during the 40s, mainly during the after war period. Unable to use fire weapons due to the treaty of surrender and since the use of swords have been forbidden since the end of Shogun age, the police officers had to find an effective way to subdue and capture criminals without relying on weapons. Thus, with the advice and consulting of top masters from karate, judo, ju jutsu, aikido and bo jutsu, the Japanese police created the first version of the taiho jutsu.

However, only in 1947 the style became officially recognized. After an effort coordinated by Tokyo Police involving great masters from many different arts, techniques of modern age ju jutsu, karate jutsu, kendo and judo were reviewed and those who best fit for law enforcement reality have been adopted. And so, the  Taiho-jutsu Kihon Kozo, The Fundamentals of Taiho Jutsu was published.

Since then the style have passed through several reviews, always keeping it up-to-date with police reality. Among those reviews some instruments have been introduced. The mostly known one is the Keibo (警棒), a kind of short club used by police, and the  tokushu keibo, a extensible metal type of keibo. Its introduction also resulted on the creation of the do Keibo-soho, a set of techniques that involve its use. Other instruments also used are the seijo (handcuffs) and the  hiki-tate oyobi (restraining methods).



The main concern involving the creation of the taiho jutsu was that it should be a martial art that allowed restraining without causing damage to the adversary. The confrontation, control and restraining must be done having in mind the safety of both the officer and the prisoner. Deadly force must be avoided at any price.

The techniques involve a combination of wrist control coming from ju justu, aikido and judo. Karate “hard” techniques are used in case the use of force escalates.

Another technique introduced in modern taiho jutsu is the heijo-shin, a practice that promotes the self control and the calm through breathing exercises, adopted widely by budo followers.

People who study the taiho jutsu enhance their self-control and confidence in situations where it’s necessary. The practitioners also become more aware of  their capabilities when confronting and adversary. It helps lesser the chances of “adrenaline rush” that usually follow violent situations.

Taiho jutsu strength is in the fact that it doesn’t rely on one style. Instead it incorporates soft and hard styles of martial arts.

Since it’s a discipline that requires mental maturity, the taiho justu can only be taught starting at 16 years old.

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Bachelor Days: Day 14

Three of some friends or ours celebrate their birthdays in the same day or in very close periods. As everybody know each other it’s already a tradition to do of this coincidence a reason to make bigger party. The problem, of course, is the amount of people invited and the mess we do together.

Quebecers are, mostly, calm, discrete and silence people. Brazilians are, how can say it, ahm, exactly the opposite. It wasn’t few the occasions we got together and our reunions made people at least get very scared with what I used to call a “chicken massacre” or an “Arabian market”. At least that’s how I imagine people see us when we’re together. The first time we decided doing something of such magnitude was sometime we had just arrived in Quebec. On those days we lived in a 3 floors condo; me, Márcia and Matsuru on the second floor and Marmé and Tati on the first one. We decided doing a “Farewell to he Summer” party and we invited everyone we knew. What happened? Well, if I did count it right there were more than 50 people going and up and downstairs, going in and out of the apartments, making barbecue, loud music, playing rock band, dancing on the balcony, children running and yelling. In the end, the chaos. On that day the police wasn’t called for very close, but the concierge came to warn you like two or three times.

We’ve done a couple of parties since then, nothing as messy as that time and not even the same amount of people; things like barbecues, playing volley in the park, going to the pool, dinners in restaurants and/or in someone’s house. I think the most scary situation for people who see/hear us must be when we’re in a restaurant because we’re hardly quiet or discrete. I’m quite sure we have this from all those Portuguese, Spanish and Italian people who migrated to Brazil. Stuff like laugh out loud, curse each other, put tables together, changing places a hundred times just to talk to someone else. That’s the least we do. And this birthday party wouldn’t be different.

The place chosen was the restaurant Chez Grecco, a Greek restaurant well know for its different daily events. Thursday, for example, is the day “Pay one, get the Second for 1$”. I remember a friend of us went through some interesting episode there once not long ago. There was nothing clear about whether there is some kind of exception or special condition to take profit of this, except maybe the list of dishes that were eligible and the fact that, if you had chosen two dishes with different prices, the most expensive would be charged and the another one would cost 1$. So, those friends of us they went to the restaurant. He and his wife made their order, as did his mother-in-law. As he realized they could order one another dish for 1$, they did that and the waitress made no comment about it. They dinned and when the waitress brought theirs addiction, he noticed they charged 3 main dishes instead of just 2. He called back the waitress and asked whether there weren’t some kind of misunderstanding about it. Naturally, she turned to him and told him that, as they were in 3 people, she supposed someone would have two dishes. She also told them that the promotion is valid only one dish per person. Logically they had a big discussion about it, the waitress got mad and very angry e told him that she had never seen someone say she was wrong and that HE was far from the truth.

Anyway, as I had said, this Chez Grecco has been chosen for the party, the same Chez Grecco where this friend of mine got some problems. This time we were easily with 30+, everybody very discrete as always. I still don’t know how the waitress was able to managed to take everyone’s orders and how we weren’t asked to leave the restaurant after all that noise. We even sang “happy birthday to you” in Portuguese to other people who might be celebrating their own birthdays, just to give you an idea of what had happened. Anyway, besides all the noise, we’re harmless. But I don’t think everyone around us may share my opinion judging by the expression in their faces, specially the old ones…

Bachelor Days: Day 13

I had even forgot about doing this as I thought I had enough cleaned clothes in my closed. But this morning when I woke up I realized that tomorrow I’d have a serious problems choosing what to use to go working as I had almost none in there and reusing those in the laundry bag wouldn’t be a good idea as nobody likes the smell of a dead monkey (that’s what my clothes seemed to be smelling like at this time).

I went into the laundry room and I looked at that pile of dirty clothes and the laundry machine. Both seemed to know each other very well, I thought. Then I looked inside the cabinet and everything seemed to be there, except for my little friend, the bleacher. Remember I do practice karate and my kimono not hardly comes back in a very disgusting condition after the training. Fortunately its white and I’m able to use stronger and powerful products to wash it and make sure I’ll get rid of all that smell of sweat, dust, fat, blood, food and all those things we hear in a liquid detergent TV ad. By the way, is it just me or is there anybody else who ever found those ads a little bit… ahm… weird ? There was one of them in particular that caught my attention some time ago. There were those two mom talking while they do the laundry. One of them speak to the another about the wonder product she’s been using, saying how efficient that was and how she easily gets rid of all those stains she finds on her son’s clothes: dirt, food, ink, blood. Wait, BLOOD ? I always used to catch me thinking about how the schools of those children seemed to be, like they going into some kind of blood arena, carrying chains and clubs with nails and things like that…

The children from the Detergent commercial as I imagined them

Well, I went to work with a huge reminder to bring back something very good to clean my kimono and other white stuffs. The bad side: today I had karate class and I haven’t washed my kimono. Yeap. The smell was something, but, we do what we have to do. After my daily journey fighting against the evil forces of bugs, I drive to the dojo, late, of course. I get to school 10 minutes after the training had began. What happens ? 50 push ups as a punishment just to begin. Thank you, bugs. At the class I came to know that this coming Saturday we’d have a belt exam and my sensei told me I’m up to the do it, so he asked me whether I’d do that or not. I told him I’d wait Matsuru to come back from Brazil so that we both would be able to do it.

By the way, it worth a comment here. Matsuru and I started doing karate together some time ago. I had this idea because I was looking some kind of activity we’d be able to do together, some kind of physical activity that’d allow us to work together. At the beginning I must confess I wanted him to do some rock climbing with me, but later on we noticed he wasn’t liking that so much. He expects having something to interact to and, you have to agree with me that most of rock climbing interactivity limits to “for God sake, don’t let me fall” or “release this damn fucking rope!”. So, it’s more complicated. One year after that experience he keeps asking me to go to the gym do some indoor. Anyway, as a martial art, karate requires more than physical strength, you need perseverance, self control, etc. On my own conception, I consider everybody should do some kind of activity that required them to work those values.

Back to the dojo, it was a hard training, working base techniques, positioning, strength. It wasn’t easy but I survived, all sweat, stinking more than a dead skunk. That reminded me that I had to do the laundry, specially taking care of that kimono and, obviously, buy that bleacher. On my way I stopped by the market and bought something called “Resolve”, which judging by the name I expected good results. I have to confess: it really works. My kimono was never that white. Well, maybe when I bought it, but the results of this Resolve are impressive. And now, here I am, doing one of the most hated tasks in the world: folding. F*CK! There should be a some kind of machine that do it alone…

Bachelor Days: Day 12

Really, I’m just writing this post to continue this project of mine of describing my days alone here. Let’s start from the beginning. I’m not yet back to normal, digestively speaking. Because of that, my lunch boxes and my other meals have not been exactly… tasty. Mostly my food is based on tofu and vegetables that do not accumulate gazes. Today I was able to make something a little bit more interesting, some kind of fried vegetables with tofu. After all, these times doing diet have some good side. I already lost 3.2kg since I started eating like this, a little bit of my joy for living too, but one day it all will be back to normal. I hope.

I won’t comment about work today. I’ll only say that, in this personal Everest climbing of mine I’m not even able to reach the base camp. There’s too much thing to do yet and every time I look there’s something more. At home I finally finished watching “Angel”, a tv series derived from “Buffy”. I remember the time it was on TV I never had time to watch it, for “n” reasons. But now, thanks to Netflix I watched the whole serie! I just found it a little disappointing that it ended exactly when the story was getting better! Fortunately they continued the serie as a comic book, which I’m currently going after right now (I already know how it ends but, you know, I love comics =D).

Bachelor Days: Day 11

His flight is scheduled to 4PM, local time, but we agreed to get there around 2PM~2:30PM as I know Quebec’s airport and that’s not really the most rushing place on Earth, unless the subject is traveling to Central America. Before coming to Canada I never realized how much people from here go to places like Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Caribbean, etc. That’s amazingly easy to find travel packages around 650$/person, including 1 week in a hotel (food, drinks included) and the air ticket! We didn’t have the opportunity of doing something like that yet, specially because Marcia prefers spending her vacations during the summer travelling to Brazil to visit her parents (and enjoy the “stunning” brazilian winter under 3C, without heater or thermal isolation).

wow! There’s nothing like spending the summer in Brazil!

Anyway, back to Luiz’s trip, we left home already with his luggage, so we avoid having to come back home just to pick them up. We headed downtown (at this time he must already know the path by heart) and, while I stayed at work he enjoyed his last moments before travelling back home seeing again some places he visited last week or taking a look at something he might have left behind. Meanwhile, I’ve been swamped in a pile of tasks as high as the Everest. I’m even starting feeling like sir Edmund Hillary climbing up the Everest, but obviously with a Sherpa to carry my stuffs…

1PM, we meet each other again and I drive to the airport. On our way to there I stop in a music store to buy guitar strings to a friend of mine. Even stopping by the music store, our whole way didn’t take more than 20 minutes. Arriving at Jean Lesage airport I confirmed what I already knew: his check in wouldn’t take more than a few minutes as there was nobody at Air Canada kiosk. By the other hand, at the company that flies to the Caribbean there was a huuuuuuuge line ahead.

After saying goodbye to Luiz I returned back to my personal Everest. There’s one week until Márcia and Matsuru come back from their vacations, but judging by the amount of things to do I don’t think it’s gonna be a week with big emotions or happy moments.

Bachelor Days: Day 10

Again it’s 10:30 AM. FFS! The only time I remember having slept that much was when I lived with my mother and I used to go to the university. My first course (let’s keep dates out of this, ok?) I go downstairs, still half sleeping. Luiz is already up (of course! Only bears during the winter sleep as much as I do!) Once again, as it’s almost noon, we have to go out to have a brunch. This time we go to the Le Cochon Dingue. As the name confirms (cochon in French means “pig”), we ate like pigs during a breakfast based on bagel, bacon, apple butter, fèves au lard, eggs, fruit salad, orange juice, pancake and something else I can’t even remember or I’ll start getting sick.

Potatos! That's what I forgot!

Oh yeah. Remember I mentioned it rained all night long (and even part of the morning) ? So, it continued raining all day long, in such a volume that I had to empty my pool sometime later because it was overflowing. But at least that’s better than the snow covering you porch.

We left the restaurant and we started looking for a gift for Luiz’s son. Some stores later, we bought the boy’s gift and then we came back home, still stuffed like two turkeys on Christmas Eve. After putting all the dishes inside the dishwasher and expressly cleaning the kitchen, the laziness started dominating us. As it was STILL raining, we had to find something to do or sooner we both would be sleeping again. Logical solution: movie and popcorn. Thanks to Netflix we had something ready to watch. I suggested we watched “Predators”. In three words ? DON’T WATCH IT! Holy damn stupid movie. I lost my time watching what they intended to be the 2010 version of Schwarzenegger. Geez…

Breakfast fully processed, it was time to dine. I decided making an yakisoba for us. In spite of it was, at most, “OK”, Luiz was very polite and said it was good. lol. Nice guy =)

Tomorrow is Monday again and I have a lot of things to do. To Luiz it’s time to say goodbye. His plane leaves at 4PM, so I’m gonna take him to the airport around 1:30PM. So, we’d better go sleep (something I quite didn’t do this weekend) earlier.

Bachelor Season: Day 9

Just to start wrong, I woke up later than I should. It was 10 AM when I came out of the bed, a little bit too late to have the breakfast and too early to lunch. We finally decided having a brunch in a place near here. While we were at the mall, Cesar called me asking where I was and if I wished going to his home later. As I’m not the kind of guy who refuses an invitation, AND I found it an interesting opportunity for Luiz to meet other brazilians who immigrated to Québec. I told him we’d be there later that day.

While we walked around the mall I came to a comic book store whose name I never remember. There I found a board game that brought my full attention. It’s called “Axis & Allies“. It’s a kind of strategy game originally launched on 1984 and which had many expansions such as “Pacific”, “D-Day”, Guadalcanal”, Europe”, and others. When put together the whole board may reach about 2m long, with several units and Nations. I was extremely tempted to buy one of those but the 79$ that separated me from that wonderful game were too much at this time. Maybe some other time.

Anyway, we left the mall towards Cesar’s new house, now completely set since he began moving last week. We spent a really pleasant afternoon and a wonderful night based on beer and barbecue. We stayed there, talking and talking for a very long time. Oh! And the best of all! I found two guys to share the cost of my Axis & Allies! So, wait for fresh news about it pretty soon! =)

Bachelor Days: Day 8

During the last night dinner I found our we have a friend in common: he know Alexei, Márcia’s colleague at Taleo, also known as our drummer =) I called him last night and invited him to come with us to go somewhere have some drinks and have some good talk. I I had heard about Québec’s Festibière, the Beer Fest of Québec, and after telling them what’s that about, we decided going there the next day. The newspaper said that it’s required to buy the promotional festival glass to have the right to taste more than 50,000 litters of beer available during the festival.

After a good night, our hero decided facing Québec’s downtown again, this time fully recharged and with lighter clothes to face the 30+ degrees Celsius promised for today. At the end of the day we met each other at Ubisoft and moved toward Québec’s Old Port’s Market, near where the festival would take place and where we told Alexei we’d meet him. Since I dont drink and Alexei was driving, the only one who’d take profit of the situation would be Luiz. Forget it. Once we arrived at the kiosk that sold the festival glasses we found out that, beside the 10$ for the glass it was necessary to pay between 2$ and 6$ for beer shot. Our friend realized he’s been extorted and he’d be without a looney before even getting drunk. We finally stopped by a pub nearby to have something to drink (after all, it was so flaking hot!)

We arrived at Le Veravin,  the only pub around there that wasn’t full. This Google Maps doesn’t show how hot it was that day nor the tables and chairs where we’ve chosen to stay, outside there. I introduced to Luiz Québec’s poutine and, of course, he had the chance to taste the beer of one of the many micro breweries we have here.

Tomorrow is Saturday, fortunately I don’t have to work. It’s the day to take him for shopping.

Bachelor Days: Day 7

Right at early morning we had a meeting from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM, and soon after another one that went up to 10:30 AM. The first one went smoothly to me: many surprises and me trying to imagine how long would it take to build a time machine or having a clone three. The surprise of the day would came later during the second meeting (nothing related to work, actually). Around 10 AM someone knocks on the door and tells me there was a friend of mine waiting for me carrying a luggage. WHAT?!

Well, that’s it. At that time I trying to think about all people I knew that could be there, even drunks and crazy people (don’t try to know why, ok?). I left the meeting room and outside there I saw a long hairy guy with a backpack and huge luggage looking like someone who had travelled the last 24 hours on the back of a truck. It was nobody but Luiz Capitulino, a guy who had worked with my wife in Curitiba, during the times of Conectiva/Mandriva. We had exchanged a few messages during the last months and I remember he mentioned to me that he’d spend a few days with us here in Québec. Guess what? I forgot =) Lucky me that my wife has a good memory and left the guest room in the basement cleaned and ready.

Poor bastard. I told him to leave his stuffs there with me and taking a walk in old Québec surroundings. I gave him ultra simple information about how moving around there and what he could see. Fortunately, in spite of being extremely tired since he straight from Vancouver and hadn’t slept yet, he was able to move around downtown, even under those 30C in Québec City. We had agreed to meet each other again at 4PM~4:30PM and then give him a ride to my home so he could leave his stuffs there and we’d go out to have something for dinner. Well, my quota of surprises hadn’t finished yet. At the time I opened home’s side door I saw what seemed to be a was scene: the dog had opened one of those grass seeds bags I had bought that week to use on the backyard and which I innocently forgot on dinner room’s chair. Not satisfied on having opened the bag the carried that stuff all over the living room, the kitchen and the dining room! Damn son of a b…! There was me having to clean up all the floor before going out for dinner.

After that slavery moment, me and Capitulino went out for dinner, when I introduced him to the famous Scores‘ Back Ribs.

By the way, just explaining what happened. Luiz and his wife are considering moving to Québec sometime in the next 2 years. They currently consider going to Gatineau or Québec City, but they’re not yet decided about it. Because of that and since we’re living here, he decided coming here to gather as much information as possible about the city and from people who live here to help deciding taking that decision. He’ll stay at my place until next Monday (22nd). Let’s see if I can help him with that in the next days.

Bachelor Season: Day 6

Well, at the office there’s nothing new. I’m still running after my own tail. At home I’m still following my no meat, no seeds diet, easily digested food diet. In other words: baby food like. I had never have that much tofu in my life, which by the way is now my main substitute for meat. I’m running out of recipes that can be made on a wok pan. Pretty soon I’ll have to jump into pasta and salads… Lovely…

So, since it’s Wednesday it’s karate day. After work I go to the dojo and I have a awesome surprise: a whole new dojo , completely renovated by Jacques, all in Japanese style. Bigger, wider and awesome! The training was harder than usual as we stayed working base exercises. My conclusion: I have to train more. With the purple belt exam about to happen I’d better start working harder. By the way, that reminds me that it’s been one year since I started the karate classes at Ste-Foy Studios Unis and, even after having moved to Neufchatel, I’ll keep on my having Sensei Jacques, Sensei France and Sensei Germain as my masters and instructors.

Bachelor Days: Day 5

Anyway, today’s another day of work. Insanity level’s still at 1,000km/h. Work’s accumulating on my side and I feel like Indy Jones trying to run away from the giant boulder. BUT, everything’s gonna be alright. Oh yeah, everything’s gonna be alright.

By the other hand, today I finally managed to do some jogging with the dog. He’s absolutely nonsense, there’s no such thing as “hey, let’s warm up, japs”. When I said: “let’s run” he simply turned the engines one and I had to run after him. After the first 2 km (as excellent athletes. sure…) we both started slowing down for obvious reasons before our hearts exploded. The funny part’s is that, not me nor him wanted to admit we were tired. Anyway, at the end we finished the circuit around the neighborhood… COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED! ROFL

Well, it’s almost the middle of the weed and I can’t help thinking I’d love having one (or two) grown up clone.

Bachelor Days: Day 4

But, not only of despair and anxiety lives a programmer. My friend André brought me a nice gift from his weekend trip to Montréal (actually from Chinatown): a grand new kitchen knife! When I picked it in my hands I found it a little too light but when I tried to test its sharpness he immediately warned me not to do that because it IS very sharp. Indeed, as I was able to confirm later that day when I cooked my dinner, it WAS very sharp. I almost cut my middle finger off while I chopped an onion. In spite of the cuts, it was the best gift I had this year, no doubts about it, specially after an extreme deception after having bought a Kitchen Aid knife which I imagined would solve all my problems but simple cracked, snapped and rusted! Regrettable…

Anyway, back at home, me and “dog” decided taking a walk but our plan was momentarily postponed because someone from a gardening enterprise my wife had contacted before going to Brazil was coming to see our lawn and see if they could help us getting rid of those dandelions and all other weeds. In fact I found out very interesting things about lawn care and yard maintenance. Basically, the secret for having a green and beautiful lawn is having it dense and well irrigated. To achieve that we have to:

  1. Plant new grass regularly: with the lawn denser it’s much harder for weeds to developed. The best seasons to do that is during Spring and Fall.
  2. Keep it well trimmed and well irrigated: the grass high may vary with the time of the year, heat exposition and humidity.
  3. Herbicide: unfortunately it’s a necessary evil. One truth said is that dandelion and clover are a real plague here and there’s no way you can get rid of them without those products. The secret is using something ecologically friendly.
We finally hired this company to do all lawn maintenance service 21$/month, which includes trimming, fertilization and pH control. Well, considering that between December and April there’s NOTHING to be done (since there’s no grass) it’s a great deal… FOR THEM, and I throw away 105$ every year. But I should not think about it or I may regret it all…